Special Invitation to Join Us in Designing a Future for our Bioregion

Special Invitation to Join Us in Designing a Future for our Bioregion

We’re launching a new series of monthly conversations with Ari Freedman-Weiss, envisioning a bioregional learning center located on his 73-acre property in Honeoye Falls. The conversations will be held via Zoom on the third Sunday of the month, the next being December 17. Details are below.
In addition, we’re looking at a different series of monthly calls, beginning in the New Year, directed at co-creating the online and hands-on curriculum of the Bioregional Learning Center, including:
  • Permaculture Workshops
  • Natural Building Workshops
  • Stories of Place
  • Indigenous Studies and Ceremonies
  • Ecological Restoration Workshops
  • Nature Immersion for City Youth
  • Community Art and Nature
  • Etc., etc.
Some of these can be initiated at any time, and may or may not require physical attendance at the property. If you or anyone you know is offering or considering offering regenerative learning experiences, we’d like to consider them for inclusion in the Learning Center’s programming.

By way of background for these conversations, we’d like to share the attached slide presentation that lays out the essential features of the Genesee Finger Lakes Bioregional Learning Center. which some of you may have seen when it was first presented in October. But this is an outline only — we’re committed to co-creating the Learning Center with and for the community  — and invite you to play a co-leadership role in making it a reality.

We’d also like to share a number of other resources, including Joe Brewer’s latest videos from the Cascadia Activation tour and Bioregional Summit. There are currently more than a dozen bioregional learning centers in operation or in formation, with initiatives in Columbia, India, and North America in the network that we’re part of, the Design School for Regenerating Earth. (Incidentally, for those wanting to get more educated about the bioregional movement and where it’s taken off already, you can join the Design School as a community member — a great value at $5/month for more live and recorded content, learning opportunities, and ways to share and contribute yourself in this growing inspiring, globally connected community. 
There are also more than 60 Ecoversities around the world, sharing similar content and aspirations.
Please RSVP for December 17 here and stay tuned for more information and opportunities for participation. 

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