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C-PACE: 100% Financing for Clean Energy Improvements

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If you’re a commercial property owner, manager, or developer of:

  • A commercial office or retail building
  • An industrial facility
  • A multifamily building (5+ units)
  • A farm
  • A private or nonprofit institutional building, such as a church or private school

C-PACE can:

  • Finance deep retrofits to existing buildings, reducing energy waste, costs, and carbon emissions while improving the indoor environment
  • Provide up to 20% of the capital stack for eligible items for new development, replacing costly equity and/or mezzanine debt
  • Refinance eligible improvements made in the last three years
  • Provide off-balance-sheet, non-recourse, fixed-interest, and long-term financing  of 100% of the hard and soft costs of your project so you have $0 upfront cost
  • Resolve the “split incentive” in triple net lease situations


Sound too good to be true?

Believe us, we thought so too. But through the collaboration of governments, nonprofits, and the private sector, PACE creates security for investors, cost savings for tenants and property owners, and benefits for the community by reducing carbon and improving the quality of the building stock. It’s a triple-win, a slam-dunk, or as some of us like to say, a no-brainer.

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